WVSeniorCare.com is your comprehensive online source for information about assisted living communities and nursing facilities in West Virginia.

Choosing to place yourself or someone you love in an assisted living community or nursing facility can be one of the most difficult decisions you will ever make.

First, please take the time to research your options and ensure that your loved one’s needs will be met. Making an informed decision based on quality research will give peace of mind to your loved one and family. A physician can help you determine the level of care and services you or your love one needs.

We encourage families to visit several facilities or communities, talk to staff, and rely on your observations about the care you see. In making the decision to seek assisted living or nursing facility care, we recommend that everyone involved in making the decision thoroughly discusses the available options before your situation becomes an emergency.

During the transition process to the facility or community you select, you likely will notice an additional source of love, support, and comfort from the staff there.

Information provided on WVSeniorCare.com provides a wide range of information. The website has three main categories:

Simple explanations of the services and payment options are available with links to other websites that provide more details.

A checklist is available to help you evaluate providers during your facility visits. Please free to print the checklist, modify it according to your needs, and take it with you during your visits. It is important that providers are able to meet each patient’s needs and required services.

The Facilities/Services search featured on WVSeniorCare.com gives you access to a listing of all providers (in-home care, nursing homes, assisted living communities, hospitals, etc.) that are available within a specific West Virginia county or community. You may click on Find A Care Facility to search member nursing homes and assisted living communities.

Under the Government Resources and Support Groups tabs on WVSeniorCare.com, you will find links to additional resources and information about aging.