Buyers Guide

Buyer Guide

The West Virginia Long-Term Care Service Corporation (WVLTCSC) is a wholly owned for-profit subsidiary of the West Virginia Health Care Association, Inc. (WVHCA).

WVLTCSC provides products and services to WVHCA members and also supports the activities of the WVHCA. In fact, supporting the WVLTCSC helps offset the dues of WVHCA members.

To share services, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction, please contact WVLTCSC at 304-346-4575.


Group Purchasing


Innovatix is a leading group purchasing organization serving senior living providers in West Virginia and throughout the United States. Since 1993, Innovatix has been helping members drive down costs and increase operating efficiencies. They offer a $36 billion purchasing portfolio comprised of 1,600+ contracts through 900+ suppliers. Membership is free. For more information, visit or call (888) 258-3273.



Delta Dental

WVHCA is offering association members attractive dental benefit programs at favorable pricing from Delta Dental, the largest, most experienced dental benefits carrier in West Virginia and the United States.

With the largest network of participating dentists in West Virginia and the U.S., Delta Dental provides health care facilities and their employees with opportunities for extensive savings on their dental claims costs. More than two out of three dentists in West Virginia participate with Delta Dental.

Delta Dental coverage features innovative cost controls, such as licensed dentists serving as consultants and reviewing claims; fee limits for participating dentists; fast, accurate claims processing; helpful, attentive customer service representatives available toll free, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (Eastern) every business day; and ongoing utilization review to monitor and evaluate aspects of care, which helps prevent over- and under-treatment.

For more information, please contact Jeff Ferrell at (304) 415-5515.

WVLTC Service Corporation Insurance Services

WVLTCSC offers employee/employer benefits to the members and associate members of the WVHCA. These products are offered at low prices to enable our members to serve West Virginia seniors in a cost-effective manner. WVLTCSC’s representative, Jeff Ferrell, will travel to your work site for a confidential conversation to discuss your needs and will provide you with cost-effective alternatives designed to fit your budget. Please utilize WVLTCSC’s insurance services to your best advantage.  Jeff may be reached at 304-415-5515.

Products and Services 

Broughton Foods

Broughton Dairy is a supplier of a long list of milk and ice cream products, as well as culture drinks and teas.

Medical Waste Services

Medical Waste Services is a full-service medical waste management company that provides the legal transportation and disposal of infectious waste, as well as providing support and assistance in the implementation of cost-effective medical waste management programs for the health care profession.

Updated Resident Rights Poster

Resident Rights Poster including HIPPA information. Updated 12/2016.  Click here for the new order form.

Relias Learning

Learn why over 560,000 users in 9,600 buildings nationwide have chosen Relias Learning. They make it easy to successfully launch an online training system in your organization. Drastically (and measurably) improve educational effectiveness, increase training compliance, improve training consistency, reduce record keeping headaches, and most importantly, save time and money.