Ralph Peterson – Bronze Workshop



The AHCA/NCAL Quality Award Program provides a pathway toward excellence for long-term care providers. The program is based on the core values of the Baldridge Performance Excellence Program, and it has three progressive levels. The seminar will cover the first level, Bronze – Commitment to Quality. Bronze Award applicants develop an organizational profile, including vision and mission statements, an awareness of their environment and customers’ expectations, and a demonstration of their ability to improve the process. Using a case study, lecture, videos, and feedback, participants will work on completing a Bronze application for their facility.

Learning Objectives:
• Gain knowledge of the AHCA/NCAL Bronze National Quality Award application process
• Understand the technical requirements of the application process and the re-certification policy of the Awards Program
• Review and learn the Bronze Quality Award criteria
• Develop the framework of Quality Award application
• Produce a complete or nearly complete Bronze application