Cat Selman – Quality Iniatives: Reducing Staff Turnover

Track 4 – WVHCA Quality Initiatives Reducing Nursing Staff Turnover

The CMS RoP mandates that a facility should have “sufficient staff” with “competencies and skills” to provide care and services to our residents. Furthermore, the government requires that we conduct a Facility Assessment to determine whether those requirements are being met. Staff turnover rates in long-term care and senior living are at a crisis level. For many, we have some employees with the attitude of “I showed up. What else do you want?” For others, it is even worse. With high turnover rates, facilities are left in the lurch. Ms. Selman shares proven strategies and techniques to improve staff satisfaction and retention.

Learning Objectives:
• Describe the challenges/barriers that are faced in long-term care
• Describe employee goals for employment
• Describe techniques to improve staff satisfaction and retention