Cat Selman – Are You Fired Up or Just Have that Burning Sensation


Track 1 – WVHCA Are you fired up or just have that Burning Sensation

Track 1 – Stress Questionnaire Handout

“I’m quitting! I just can’t do this anymore! They don’t pay me enough! I could go be a Walmart greeter and make more with less hassle!” Is that what you want to do? Burnout has three basic components: emotional exhaustion and physical depletion; loss of empathy; and decrease in self-confidence and com-petence. WHO takes care of YOU? Cat shares the symptoms of “burnout” and offers “tried and true” techniques to build and maintain motivation and emotional health. She also will keep you laughing and entertained.

Learning Objectives:
• Learners will be able to describe the symptoms of “burnout”
• Learners will be able to assess their own level of stress
• Learners will be able to describe successful motivational techniques for both themselves and their employees