Department of Education Sports Map

12/19/20 Saturday Update

  • This is a weekly map that will guide your visitation for the week (Monday-Sunday)
  • If the county is in Orange (or higher) then no visitation, and enter PHASE ORANGE (or PHASE RED if county is in red)
  • Link to map on Department of Education website.

DHHR County Spread Alert Map

  • This is a daily alert map reflecting county community spread.
  • If at anytime a county turns red, facilities will need to stop visitation and enter the reopening PHASE RED

CMS Nursing Home data

  • CMS will release this information on a weekly basis
  • This CMS Community Spread data will dictate the frequency in which you will need to test (Monthly/weekly/Twice-a-week)

CMS COVID-19 Positivity Rate Summary: