Nominations Are Open!

Let’s celebrate our long-term care superstars!

Nominations are due on or before May 6, 2023

To ensure that your entries will be considered. Please carefully read the Rules of Entry and complete the following steps:


  1. Complete the Application and Nomination Forms, following the Rules of Entry below
  2. Submit nominations to WVHCA on or before the following deadlines:
    1. Award nominations must arrive at WVHCA on or before: Friday, May 6, 2023
    2. Deficiency free and no lost time nominations are due:    Friday, May 6, 2023

Award Categories:

Award winners will be recognized at the WVHCA Annual Awards Gala in September.

Rules of Entry:


  • The nominating facility must be in good standing with the West Virginia Health Care Association.
  • Nominees must be currently employed by a member facility and in good standing with his/her respective licensing board(s), if applicable.
  • The same person cannot win two different award categories in the same year.
  • A winning candidate from the previous year is not eligible for the same act or service in the same category for three years. However, if the winning candidate performed a completely different act or service in a category which they won previously, then they may be nominated in the same category.
  • A list of previous award recipients can be found here: Awards History – 2019-20


  • All nomination forms must remain anonymous where noted and must NOT reveal the identity of your nominee or facility. Some award categories may request copies of news clippings or press releases; we are not concerned about revealing the identity of the facility/staff in these items.

WINNERS:  You will be contacted if your nominee was selected as a winner. We will not contact the winners without first notifying the individuals who nominated them.